Professional Canine Training

Private and Group Classes

Join our classes, where Noel provides comprehensive instruction to help your dog learn and thrive in a supportive & interactive environment.  Dogs and owners of all ages are welcome in our classes.

Noel Pepin Dog Behaviour Expert

About Noel Pepin Canine

Professional Canine Behaviour  Specialists

Noel Pepin Canine blends the convenience of modern technology based shopping, with the personal attention that you and your canine friend deserve. We want you to become part of the ‘NPC family’; to interact with us, to provide feedback about sourcing locally made, top quality products, which are biodegradable or reusable. We want to work with you as we move to more sustainable, environmentally friendly products.

NPC will continue to support your training goals with group and private classes. We will continue to provide private consults to help you deal with your canine friend as they move from puppy, to teen, to adult and to senior.