Open Farm Dog GF Puppy Chicken & Salmon 22 lb

Open Farm Dog GF Puppy Chicken & Salmon 22 lb


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Open Farm Dog GF Puppy Chicken & Salmon 22 lb

Open Farm Dog Grain Free Puppy Chicken & Salmon provides high protein for your high-energy pup.  Serve them humanely raised chicken and pork, fresh Pacific wild-caught salmon, functional ingredients like locally sourced non-GMO pumpkin, and superfoods like coconut oil. It’s premium nutrition without antibiotics, corn, wheat or soy.  And it’s a great source of DHA to help with healthy brain development.

OPEN FARMS is a Canadian company that we couldn’t wait to pair up with.  Their mission statement aligns with ours and says it all:

“Do Some Good” – At Open Farm, we believe that great nutrition is rooted in the integrity of our ingredients.  Our mission is to create recipes that pet parents love because they are made with premium, nutritious whole foods and produced in a way that respects animal welfare and the environment.  By working exclusively with farmers who share our commitment to exceptional quality and sustainable practices, we can make better food for your pets while also doing good for family farms, farm animals and the environment.”

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