Treat Pouch

Treat Pouch


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Why Noel Recommends this Product:

NPC Treat Pouch

Noel believes this Treat Pouch is the best on the market. It is made by a great company Canada Pooch. It looks fantastic, especially with the Noel Pepin Canine logo, and has everything a dog parent would want. The pouch has plenty of room for treats and is easy to access. When training your dog, the timing of treat rewards is essential. When you have the Noel Pepin Canine treat pouch, you won’t need to fumble around trying to open plastic bags. Reduce your consumption of plastic bags, and use this wonderful product!

  • Built-in poop bag dispenser
  • Fits a standard-sized water bottle
  • Reflective zipper for high visibility
  • Adjustable waist
  • Keyring holder


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