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Dog Training High Jump

Why Noel Recommends this Product:

This beautiful aluminum attachment — compete with horizontal fiberglass rods, fits your existing NPC jump. Noel designed this attachment to add safety for dogs learning to jump and to speed up the process of teaching your dog to jump without touching the top of the jump. The fiberglass rods help the dog to learn to jump higher with less chance of injury. If they misjump they simply knock one of the rods off, instead of landing on the solid aluminum rail. The learning process involves starting at a low level with all 4 fiberglass rods resting in place. When the dog jumps and clears the rods without touching (knocking one or more off), you would reward with a toy or food. As you raise the jump, the dog will inevitably make an error by knocking one of the rods off. You would calmly say, “wrong”, or “too bad and withhold the treat or toy. Quickly, the dog makes the association that a clear jump is rewarded, and will strive to jump without touching.

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